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Nutrition During Quarantine

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

The quarantine for some can seem like an extended vacation. For others it can be very hard to stay in the quarters of our home, not knowing at what point we are able to be free to travel, go to the gym, back to work, and get more active. Many times we turn to food while we are home, and these days, we're home all day! Some people may have noticed a little extra "puffiness" around their midsection. We try to get active but we fall back into the temptation of our fridge and "junk" cabinets. I am DEFINITELY a part of this.

Lately I've been trying to figure out how to get back into my healthy eating habits from before the pandemic occurred. I figured out that many factors can affect my relationship with food that I never really thought about. If you are struggling with your food choices during this time, or in general, try out these helpful tips to keep you on track with not only your appearance and weight, but specifically your health!

6 Tips For a Healthier Quarantine

1. Have a Schedule!

I can't stress enough how important a schedule is. Planning out your day will help you find purpose and organization. Usually when we snack mindlessly is when we are bored and don't really know what to do. If you can have a "To Do" list, map out your day setting a specific time for certain things, or even planning out your meal times can be very helpful. One thing I've done if I feel I've been eating too much is set specific time slot to eat a snack. So if I had breakfast at 8 am, then I can eat a snack at 10 am, then lunch at 12pm and so on. This helps me not eat mindlessly all morning and be more conscious on if I'm eating for hunger or for satisfaction.

2. Do NOT buy JUNK!

If you have ice cream in the freezer, you will eat it. If you keep chips in the cabinet, you will eat it. If you have soda in the fridge, you'll most likely drink it. If you really want to be healthier, quit buying junk! Its much less likely for you to go out of your way to go buy junk food, than for you to go to your kitchen and have it at arms reach. If you buy things that are healthier like fruit and slice it up ahead of time, then you will most likely eat it! So go for the healthier stuff. Fill your home with nutrient rich foods, prep them ahead of time, and have them ready for when you're feeling like having a snack.

3. Move More!

During this time, our movement is drastically reduced. We can't really go anywhere but our balconies or backyards. Even though the gyms are closed, and most businesses for that matter, it does not mean we can't add movement to our day! Go on a long walk, exercise at home, organize your home. Find any activity that can help you get active. I've personally started taking my son on a walk daily. We go out for about an hour and just walk around the neighborhood. It not only helps me get out of the house and burn some calories, but it also helps me clear my mind. I also do home workouts. This helps me remember that I still have goals to be healthy. Even though I'd rather be at the gym, I know that at this time I don't have an option, and have to do whatever it takes to keep a healthy life.

4. Drink More WATER!

In general, we tend to confuse thirst for hunger. I often times have gone to the kitchen in search of food and start snacking. Then I remind myself to drink water and all of a sudden my cravings are gone! I try to keep my water bottle next to me and make goal for myself. It actually been pretty challenging lately for me to meet those goals but I recognize that I am lacking that H2O and need to do it. I like to take 5-10 sips of water every time I remember, that way I know that every time I sip it I drink 1/4 - 1/2 of my bottle just that one time. Water as incredible functions in our body and is part of the 6 essential nutrients we need in order to live optimally!

5. Portion Size

Portioning out my food has helped me incredibly. If I were to grab the entire bag of grapes, I'd probably eat it in one sitting. Even though they are grapes and considered "healthy" that doesn't mean I should eat a whole bag! They are still a very sweet fruit and contain quite a bit of sugar. What I do instead is grab one stem and put the rest in the fridge. That way I know that is all I am going to eat. The same goes for any other snack you choose to eat. Make sure to look at potion sizes on the food labels. Eating in moderation is the goal!

6. Eat at the TABLE!

This is probably one of the most "inconvenient" things for most of us. We all want to eat comfortably, in front of the T.V., not paying attention to what we are doing. Sitting at the table while we eat allows us to process what we are doing. Taste the food, enjoy it, CHEW it! LOL. Pay attention to the flavors. We are so used to just stuffing and swallowing without really enjoying it and understanding what we are doing. If we actually paid attention maybe we could understand when we are satisfied or if we are still hungry. Mindlessly eating is one of the reasons we make such bad eating choices, so incorporating thought and feeling to your nutrition can make one of the biggest changes!

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